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Pig treasure is also known as pig cinnabar in the academic field. Common people call it pig treasure. Pig treasure is a kind of stone growing in the pig body, which is found in cattle, There are similar substances in dogs and horses. They are called Niubao, goubao and mabao. They are called three treasures of traditional Chinese medicine. Baidu Encyclopedia explains in detail that zhubao is a kind of precious Chinese medicine. It's very rare. It can be said that it's impossible to find it. It's a stone in the gallbladder, bile duct and liver duct of pigs.



[collection name]: zhubao


[collection Specification]: weight: 355g


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The so-called pig treasure is the stone in the pig gallbladder, bile duct, liver duct and other organs. It is oval in shape, different in size, light yellow in appearance, or gray black, rough in surface, with two or three centimeter法尔克:哈弗茨希望勒沃库森夏天把自己出售到切尔西s long hair. He felt it with his hand. It was hard. There was a fishy smell. He cut the hair with a knife and found that it was yellow, a little fragrant and a little shiny on the surface. Some mountain villages call it pig treasure, also called pig sand, which has great use and high medical value!